New year's resolution

Every year about this time I would empty a blank page in my mind and start jotting down my thoughts. The year is about to end, the New Year is hours away. It’s mixed emotions that I feel. So I start to put down the things I want to achieve, my dreams. I think by now that list has had more resolutions than I can remember. Quite frankly, more failures than successes, but I'm still standing which has to count for something. The list went on, from achieving my degree, getting into physical shape, quit smoking, be a better person, read more, write more, travel more, help a few people along the way, find the woman of my dreams, fall in love with her, visit places I have never seen, have a beautiful daughter that reminds me of her mother and a charismatic son that will protect his queen and princess with his soul and heart. I would say those were fairly regular thoughts, most of which you will find in the average list of most people.