Her fight for life - by Lujain Asad

This time i will not be sharing my words, but the words of an amazing person who existed in my life to influence and motivate me. Not only a sister, but a role model, friend and an inspiration. A great example to the deepness and the strength of the free Arabian women, a result of our beautiful deserts, despite her young age, i foresee her bright future upon her destiny. I will speak no more for this time i am here to listen to her perspective. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did: 
Her fight for Life - By Lujain Asad

“Life isn’t fair”. Now that’s a phrase we’ve all heard an infinite number of times. My question is: Is it supposed to be? Allow me to answer this na├»ve question of mine.It’s not and never will it be; we just fail to accept this disappointing fact constantly.