The Loyalty of a Pigeon

"Excuse me for a few moments". I opened the car door and left my family behind; I knew they were unhappy about the inconvenient delay that I was about to cause. The cat was so young, small, skinny and looking for the least to feed on. I ignored it on the way out of the house. Those few moments in the car, awaiting my family to leave the house injected me with guilt and the feeling that I could help a resident of this planet with their pain. It became a habit every now and then to feed that particular cat; I would pick some of my lunch meal leftovers or steal some of my sister's cat food. She has a Persian cat who is so fat and lazy, it reminds me of "Garfield" and in a just world "Wolverine" the cat can share some of its wealth with the poor street cat. The little skinny cat always follows me now, out of everyone else on the street, it recognizes me and sprints to me. On a weird level, I feel happy that it appreciates me and acknowledges what I do.

Acceptable Racism

A Krispy Kreme original Donut, with a small black Americano is what i ordered. Not long after I sat down with my two dear friends. My phone rang. At first I thought my sister was laughing, but then again I never heard her voice in extreme shock. After a few moments of trying to explain, I understood she was in the middle of a shocking car accident with my mother, her best friend and her best friend's mother. I rushed, drove, with the attempt to stabilize my body and mind to avoided another car accident.

A thought in the Dark

Out of no where, changing the flow of the previous conversation, he said: "Faisal when will you write a book, a philosophical novel? I enjoy your writings. It's great to inspire people, to change how they see things, books make a difference". Hasan Eid is a poet, interesting How I came to know him, his book fell in my hands as a friend told me to read it. I thought to myself a Saudi male writing poems in English must be interesting. I read it that day, with every observation i had, i did my habit of twisting the top corner of the page. This is why my books look so used and old, although they were just bought. If I may also add, the drops of my coffee on the covers  make the books look more dramatic. It's fair to accuse me of disrespecting my books. Personally I think it gives them a touch of me, plus I respect my books by giving them my time to read, and spreading the words in them. Back to Hasan, I knew he was a young man from his various views in his writings. I emailed him my thoughts. I must say, I was rather harsh, yet polite. I meant no more than the best of my intentions. I don't regret it, he appreciated my criticism, which I honestly didn't expect, thus we became friends.