A dream from Catalonia

The more frequent you fly, the shorter those trips on the plane seem to be. I used to enjoy reading a book, watching a movie, playing on my phone, or writing. I don’t do that as often as I used to anymore, I spend a lot of that time looking through that small window at the world. I stare at the sun following those clouds of dreams, it seems like it’s trying to catch the moon at its full image, am sure it has its reasons to do so. I look at our universe, it all seems insignificant from up here. The perspective from which you see the world changes. It’s as if you’ve just grown up fifty years, acquiring the wisdom of that time to see things from the bigger picture. Suddenly it hits my mind, no matter what you do in life, you will be presented with complications. If there is no escaping that why not face those difficulties for the things you want and desire.

I want to be the first ...

I walk this earth, like it’s nothing but a big long road. Yes at times it feels like I am walking that road up a hill, it's difficult, tiring and hard to see the road ahead; I barely see beyond my footsteps, feeling like the breath is running out of my weak lungs. At other times, that road becomes a downslope, and I start walking so much faster, sprinting with simplicity and at ease, as my eyes see more than that my mind could possibly capture. I see fields of gold; I see the sun rising after every fall. I can witness a glimpse of the ocean, as I stare deeper trying to distinguish it from the sky at the meeting point of the horizon line.