Thank you


In this post I just wanted to share an email that I have received from a friend (Dr. Afrah Sait) after she read the previous piece "The wise man". It touched me to read her response, thus I thought I would love to share it with my friends, I quoted her email below with no alteration as a thank you.

The wise man

It is situated no further than a few hundred meters from the city center. I walk up the road, which is always a burden, but the thought of reaching that peaceful land always made it much easier. The music plays in my ears as I walk towards it, a journey that takes no more than 10 minutes. It's always a good time to visit Leazes Park just before sunset. Most people are at restaurants having dinner, or on their way to the bar to start their weekend, or most probably getting ready for a night out to dance at a club. Summer time in the UK is a funny season, extremely long days, and very short evenings.

Enemies of Love

Her words differed in style from that happy optimistic tone she always held. That style that one only acknowledges on the face and in the words of a human being who's in love, as you see their smile drawn on their faces shining like the moon in the middle of all darkness. It's the face that we all look at and get inspired by its optimism. That look that gives us hope in tomorrow. That look that I always long to have on my face. That look that no human being can live without wishing for. That look I have always suspected that we inherited from the first two humans who lived this world when they first laid eyes on each other.