60 minutes

Take a walk through a little chapter of my life ladies and gentlemen. Some call it five aside football, to me it's sixty minutes of war fighting for a win.  As extreme as it may sounds, allow me to present my argument as follows:

Never was I a huge fan of watching active games, but I am a man who would jump at the chance of playing them.  Most likely it is due to the fact that I love creating than watch others create. Never did I see the fun in celebrating another man’s win at the comfort of my home. Or maybe it’s because I love risking everything for something, well how can I enjoy life without that? But that’s just me. It’s like love to me, you may see the movies, poetry and music, but that is never satisfying, I want to kill immortality and live through the pages of the past, future and present. The voices of madmen sounds beautiful to their own ears, does it not!

To my wonderland : A promise (Part Three)

(The video above will include a read of this piece. Before reading this please refer to the previous two articles. Thank you)

Dear sweetheart

I feel sadness as I write you the third and final part of this. Three cities contributed to these letters, and with every letter my heart felt your distance across the oceans between us. But don’t worry for one day I will make it a monthly habit to write you a letter, on the night of every full moon that climbs the sky taking its place between the stars to shine upon us.

It fascinates me how it’s you who defines the moon in my world, unlike most poets where they defined their loved ones by the moon. But how can I blame them, they haven’t met you; you give that moon many of your hidden characteristics that only I can see and feel.