To my full half .. (Part two)

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Dear sweetheart

Now that you’re starting to take my madness just a little bit more seriously, I must admit to my joy and excitement; it runs through my veins as I write you the second part of this desired unexplainable insanity of a letter. Part of it is due to the fact that I know how lucky I am to know that I will be with you one day, partially because your existence today makes me a better man, but most importantly it’s due to the fact that I just woke up from my sleep at 2:30 in the morning, I couldn’t fall back to sleep, I knew it was for a reason, something I have to do, it was to write you this.

To my fairy tale .. (Part one)

(Before reading this please refer to the previous article " Introduction: Next three articles". Thank you).

Dear sweetheart

Many accused me, many judged me, and a very few have intimidated me. Most those I knew thought of me as a shallow man when I said that physical beauty mattered just as much as the beauty of the heart and mind.  I call it the trinity to perfection. I cannot compromise on any of them; see when a man is in love some think he becomes rather delusional; I always took the extreme view of believing that he becomes wise.  Whilst most believe he is blinded, I believe he becomes the only one with the ability to see the truth.  It’s why I have been able to tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman on this earth, it’s just how I see you in every way. I know sometimes you will doubt me, but soon you will see through my actions that I truly believe that you are, just be patient my love.

Introduction: Next three articles

 I am going to be doing something different to my usual none sense; now don’t get me wrong, am not saying am going to rebel against my madness, but rather, just bring it up a level. In a few days I'll post part one of three articles to come over the next few weeks. They will take the form of a note, or a letter if I may say, to my future companion, she is someone whom I yet haven’t sat with nor touched, but someone I believe in so strongly.   

Why put this out on my journal? Well, First to protect myself from my logic, from the possibility of me ever becoming something I despise, so if I ever change, I will have my insane written ideologies bring me back to my salvation. The second reason is to inspire hope to everyone who reads this and holds an insane vision, anyone who questions their reasoning of such dreams. To tell them  that there are thousands of men and women out there who are no different to us, the concept of “the one” is something I highly believe in, soul mates are not a myth, but a visionary notion, that only those who are brave enough to accept it and its consequences can understand its full effect on one’s reality.

To be continued ... 

New York - 14/01/2012 

Me, a mountain and the moon

Through the windshield glass I can see the world.  I am driving the car at eighty miles an hour. The road seems endless, it goes on forever around those beautiful mountains. Unfortunately at such a late hour all you can see are their shadows.  Only Five hours are remaining till the end of this road trip. The moon is so full and perfect tonight, larger than I have ever seen, it feels so close to me, almost like it wants to fall in my arms. I love the moon. It represents a beautiful dark woman, a sophisticated, tender, lady-like and a perfect goddess; it’s a dream to me. There are more stars decorating the sky than I can dare to count. The music is playing my favorite tunes. Just in case all that is not enough to fire my soul with a thousand emotions, I just witnessed one of God’s most beautiful pieces of art at the Grand Canyon, I’m at the top of the mountains, watching the river thousands of feets below me. Unusual sight for me, for I am usually walking side by side with the river.