To my wonderland : A promise (Part Three)

(The video above will include a read of this piece. Before reading this please refer to the previous two articles. Thank you)

Dear sweetheart

I feel sadness as I write you the third and final part of this. Three cities contributed to these letters, and with every letter my heart felt your distance across the oceans between us. But don’t worry for one day I will make it a monthly habit to write you a letter, on the night of every full moon that climbs the sky taking its place between the stars to shine upon us.

It fascinates me how it’s you who defines the moon in my world, unlike most poets where they defined their loved ones by the moon. But how can I blame them, they haven’t met you; you give that moon many of your hidden characteristics that only I can see and feel. 

Today I want to make you some promises. In fact today I want to give you all of my promises. A man is defined by his honor, the honor of living up to his words.  It will always be my duty as a man to protect you. Life is not easy; it swings its punches at us with no mercy. I will protect you with all that I have, with a thousand words to keep your soul alive. With a thousand drops of blood standing against this world’s cheap gossip against you. I will  protect you with every breath I take, guarding your pride, your dreams and your tender heart. I will always be there for you when no other human can contain your madness. I will stand true when you doubt yourself, when you doubt me, and when you doubt our love. Then when the time is right I will not only protect you, but attack this world for you, when all that we know becomes false, I will remain the only truth standing. That I promise you. 

I whispered quietly into your lips my insane ideologies and fairy tales, I built a land for both of us, one brick at a time, I will not disappoint you no matter what the price is. That I promise you.

I will hold your hand and travel the world with you. We will run by the river. Walk a desert. Climb up a mountain. Feel the freezing cold of Europe. Sweat through the heat as we discover the Far East and the South American nations. I will hold your hand tightly, and make you feel my love through a look in my eyes, or a touch of my hands, or a kiss from my lips or by a simple hug where you feel my chest protecting you as my heartbeats races, for the thrill of being with you after all these years together never faded but only became stronger. I was taught that true love only goes in one direction, increasing, growing with every moment. That I promise you.

I will make every woman who crosses my path feel jealousy; I will make sure they envy you. I will break a few hearts along the way. I didn’t mean to, no I swear I swear I didn’t. But some may try to take your place in my heart, yet my destiny preserved this spot just for you.  These letters were only written for you, and I will make sure they are kept for you. For only you would be certain that those words are, were, will be intended for you. That I promise you.

I will redefine love. I will go through the extreme of challenging all men who claim to know the meaning of this word. I will create a new concept, a new emotion, and a new reality that will be used by future generations. I won’t care about proving it to the world for as long as you see it, feel it, that would mean I have succeeded against this universe. That I promise you.

I will love those kids you gave me more than any man has loved his family, yet never more than loving you. For they are only a fraction of who you are.  You will always remain the mighty tree, and they will always be the offspring, the beautiful apples branching out of you. I will teach my son to be a man, fearless, courageous; to dream and fight for his dream the way his father did, I will teach him to protect his queen and princesses the way his father would, yet to have a heart as tender as his mother’s, That I promise you. I will teach my daughters how to take pride in their actions, how to build their own character, even if it differed from ours, to see the beauty in the simple things in life, to be soft and independent, yet prioritise their life’s accordingly, to trust in their hearts above anything else. That I promise you.

I will forgive your mistakes, for I know you will forgive mine. I will give you the power to rule my heart, for I trust in your justice. I will make you a queen upon me, for I know only a true king will serve those he loves in loyalty. Yes my Love; loyalty is my ideological insanity that will distinguish me from all that exists around us. A heart that shall be loyal to you above all. No woman before you, and no woman after you will gain its submission. That I promise you.

I will feed you love that will feed your arrogance. That I promise you.

I will let you wander this world freely, for you are the free spirit you are. I will let you be who you are, to flow in directions that knows no limitations. I will watch you grow and be the goddess you are destined to be. I will see men’s hearts tremble at your path and between your feet for I am confident that you will not see nor feel any other heart but mine, no man can measure up to my love no matter how hard they may try. A matter of fact I will feel sympathetic towards them. I will contain my jealousy. For I trust in you, and in your actions. Like Jubran once said “Whom you love is not your other half. It is you in another place at the same time”. That I promise you.

Never will I give up on us, not even if there are a ten step distance between me and my grave, I will know that somewhere between me and death you will stand to hold me. Never would I let go. That I promise you.

I will send a thousand prayers. Make a thousand wishes and fight a thousand battles. That I promise you.

Patience will become me, I will flow and be, prepare myself, to ensure that I am to become worthy of you. As this world supplies you with courage, it will supply me with discipline. That I promise you.

But above everything that I have promised, one promise will take over all. I will always greet my glorious mornings by telling you you’re the kindest heart that I have ever felt and the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. That I promise you.

Some say Love is to not be able to live without someone. I disagree, Love is to live for as long as you can for that someone, protecting them, guiding them and inspiring them. That I promise you.

I will always love you. I will always miss you but most importantly, I will always keep my promises. Now that I promise you.

Sincerely yours


P./Newcastle - January, 2012


  1. I could see feeling flowing with words, Thank you

  2. I'm amazied by this!!! I love this so much and I have so much to tell about it. you are poetic and full of emotions..keep going.

    your friend,
    Rihab Almutiri

    1. Oh thank you Rihab, may the Lord bless your vision.

  3. What I see here is a mixture of feelings and dreams, wisdom and madness. These things made this piece of written differently. It shows your ability to make things around you better. It did inspired me to make promises and to feel the moments not matter whether it was enjoyable or painful. It taught me that we have to invent our way of making promises and to keep them.

    I thank you form the bottom of my heart for sharing this with us.

    1. Dafer, I thank you from the deepest point in my heart for this post, It brightened up my entire day.

  4. Faisal, that was floating with emotions and love which I thought people have lost..but I am glad at least someone, and on top off it from my country, still cherish these beautiful sincere emotions dear!

    it reminds us humans that we should celebrate life and the joy of love...every day.

    Thank u for this wonderful peice fellow blogger :)

    1. Oh thank you so much for those kind sweet words.

      I look forward to reading your blog :D

  5. This is what I like about poetic writings, it puts the reader in a place where one is enveloped with every word that was used and every emotion that came with each doesn't just touch the heart but it reaches out to another soul..keep on writing