Ten seconds of courage

The truth about men is that their complexity lies in their unreasonable simplicity. They are no different to the female in many aspects. They have needs and they seek for them to be met. I never understood the statements made by many people of wanting to be independent in life. Those living in their denial can only go so far. Eventually they will have to face the truth, and very often they face their limbo in a place between four walls as they see that pillow not far from their sight whilst they confront their loneliness. At times they will succeed to deceive themselves, other times they will run out of lies feeling deep emptiness and pain. But it’s ok, for as soon as they wake up, they start the process of self deception all over again. The cycle will take hours, days, months or even years, eventually it will restart. The truth; such a subjective concept, being honest with yourself is a frightening thought to the average individual.

All humans have insecurities. We attempt to defeat them by proving to ourselves they are void. For instance A woman who just came out of a failed relationship will often throw herself into another man’s arms to prove that she is not in need for that lost love. A man who’s insecure about his looks will deal with that insecurity by reacting in an obsessive overprotective manner to fill his incomplete personality. We all have our own ways to deal with our personal issues. More often than you think, these insecurities are permanent. See it’s impossible not to have them, after all we are imperfect in our natural behaviour, irrational and unexpected, we are only humans. Insecurities are not negative aspects in the human creation. They are inevitable. They’re the balance required for this universe to take its order or else we become similar beings losing our uniqueness. This means  that when two souls meet, their insecurities must be compatible. They will perfect each other and in my view, this underlines one of the most beautiful things in life. This brings me back to my point that being independent is a false claim. Maybe if you were a machine that could be a true claim, but then even a machine is dependent on many other factors surrounding it.
The world we live in almost always expects the man to approach the woman. Bad men exist, they are usually the ones who are loud, and they will ask the lady out, but a lady can almost instantly feel such men’s insincerity thus she rejects them. After all, most women think men are players, simply because it’s this type of men that are arrogant in their approach, and that confidence tends to attract. But there is another world of men, where the good men are shy to approach you because they really like you. A good man will be worried that you might reject him, he will not take it easily because of how he see/feel about you. His insecurity will kick in, that he is not good enough for you. What a dilemma. So the bad are labelled with courage when the truth is they are cowards in heart. The gentlemen are described as cowards although they hold much courage in their hearts but they care too much so they remain silent.
My perspective on this is simple. Every woman in this world has a key to her heart. A key that you must struggle to find, but when you do, she will give you the most valuable thing to her, her love. Yes , a genuine woman will never open her heart up until she trusts you. She will trust you when the time is right. But it is the man’s job to make her see the truth behind  his smile and the look in his eyes.
Ten seconds of courage is all it takes, Ten seconds where you speak your heart and take a stand for what you admire. Ten seconds of complete madness where you blind yourself from the consequences. Yes she might say No. Yes she might laugh. Yes she might and might and might. But then again she might not.
If her negative response to him takes place, never should a man take it personal. Maybe her heart is occupied, maybe she misjudged the opportunity that came to her doorstep, or maybe she is just having a bad day. What’s meant will happen. Timing is tricky and there are no guarantees, but there is only one way to find out. One must have a little faith in destiny.
Find your soul mate, I assure you, despite the thousand complications that I may list, one moment in their presence will supply you with a lifetime’s worth of beautiful memories.
Life is about taking risks every once in a while. If you are to take risks for something, then the risk for love is more justifiable than any other.
Newcastle - 17/4/2012