Let me tell you about her …

Where do I start ? and where do I end?

She is beyond imagination, and above all expectations. She is a woman that I engraved in my heart and preserved her beauty deep within my two eyes.

She is imperfect, yet she perfected every imperfection.. I was no more than a broken jigsaw awaiting the missing pieces to complete me … to fit like gloves over hands, so smoothly.

She has a voice calmer than music to my ears, when she spoke; I felt the clock arms stop. She spoke as if she whispered, yet her whispers echoed through my soul like the fireworks on a New Year’s eve.

She has this dark brown hair, or was it light, I could never tell which it was! They looked bronze as they reflected the sun light, just like the golden dome in Jerusalem reflects the sunshine in the moments of oppression. Yet at night they held their darkness with warmth, only to tempt my hands to run through them in hope that they might get lost and never to be found again.  A hair that was as long as the Eiffel tower, I can swear if it was a few inches longer it would be flirting with the ground that she walks on.

Her eyes are a mystery. Awaiting a man of courage and love to decrypt them, to read their secrets without the betrayal of her lips.

Her lips … were wonderful, just another proof of God’s existence, who else can draw such seductive companions. I look at them, and pray that a day will come where I can match my lips against hers, only to fill the thirst of my deserts with her sweet rain.

Her hands are gentle and soft … the hands of a child, no an infant. So warm to the heart, they were tiny next to mine, yet stronger than any other hands I have ever touched. The lines on my hand read the lines on her hand, unrevealing our fortune of love … A long life to be lost between desire and pain …

She can make me feel like a king through a single smile … One of us ruling out the other’s dominance, till we are both left as slaves for love, and rulers over each other’s souls. 

Have you ever witnessed an angel walking amongst humans? I am confused at times on of how the moon can take the form of a woman to walk amongst us mortals. To shine on us, to inspire us only to disappear again for twenty six days. Why would a goddess step down to be a part of this world? It must be to wipe all the ugliness clear with the purity of her heart … 

Her skin was dark, tanned and gentle. In a different era she would have been a lady from Andalusia, dancing the flamenco to show the world of men the power of the female entity … she taps on the hearts to compliment every string I pick on the guitar … To prove that there is an infinite power created through the unity of a woman’s pure love and a man’s pure loyalty that no individual can create nor feel without the reunion with their missing companion.

She does not meet them standards, but rather creates them … 

I have gone mad upon my contact with her, yes, madness freed my soul from sanity. Madness freed my heart from restrictions. Madness freed my pen from lies. Madness made me into a fearless creature that is half human and half her.

She is my dreams in the form of a woman. She is my reality in the form of dreams. She is me in a form of a She. She is another reflection of my faith. She gives birth to hope and defines its on-going purpose. She makes loyalty worthy of all sacrifice. She makes determination an instinct that belongs to the heart. She makes failure worthy of another try.

Is she an illusion? Is she unreal? … The heart doesn’t explain but only feels. No fact beats the facts you feel through your heart…they sparks through every vain in your body till they reach your eyes, enlightening your vision, just like sparks of light in a dark deep tunnel of misery. 

The world thinks am blind, she thinks am blind … poor souls, they have not seen what I  have …

Newcastle - 1/05/2012


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    1. Every time I read this, I realise that there are things in life time just can not erase. Thank you Faisal for reviving my soul.

    2. My brother your a man with a great soul .... Thank you for reading it my dear friend

  2. what a nice feelings you felt....loved it !!