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In this post I just wanted to share an email that I have received from a friend (Dr. Afrah Sait) after she read the previous piece "The wise man". It touched me to read her response, thus I thought I would love to share it with my friends, I quoted her email below with no alteration as a thank you.

 "Just wanted to thank you

I saw your last blog "the wise man" it was late, I was sleepy but I knew it was a sign. I had to call him right now. I couldn't find his number on my mobiles or computer, I emptied 3 drawers in search of his business card. I called him, and we talked. I introduced myself as the girl he met in a super market in Boston on my last day there. That day we talked for more than an hour, discussing life in its many phases, he gave me answers for questions I didn't dare ask and advice I didn't know was crucial. I spontaneously invited him for dinner, it felt like madness then. He gently refused saying he had promises to keep but promised to dine with me the next time I was in the US.

I called him once after I came back and then we lost touch. When I called him after seeing your post, he said "you made my day" we talked and talked and talked and what shook me was that he told me that he was in a car accident the night before, his car destroyed completely but he was not hurt.

In the past 2 years I've lots 2 of the dearest old men in my life without a good bye and here I was talking to him. It seemed like a gift, I'm sure it was and you were the chosen messenger. "


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