Enemies of Love

Her words differed in style from that happy optimistic tone she always held. That style that one only acknowledges on the face and in the words of a human being who's in love, as you see their smile drawn on their faces shining like the moon in the middle of all darkness. It's the face that we all look at and get inspired by its optimism. That look that gives us hope in tomorrow. That look that I always long to have on my face. That look that no human being can live without wishing for. That look I have always suspected that we inherited from the first two humans who lived this world when they first laid eyes on each other.

One day, I didn't see that in her. I saw darkness as if that moon decided to take a break from this world. I asked "why?" and the answer was what has become a norm in our world. External forces determined to break up true love. One moment they are on the edges of engagement with a field and nothing but them two in the heavens of love, with simplicity and no complication, with their dreams built over each other creating a beautiful palace in their wonderland. The next moment they are in a desert with a thousand mountains between them. Is it because the families disapprove? Their religious sects are different? Their passports hold different logos on the front page? Financial status is incompatible? Or more ridiculously, is it that the tribe "family name" at the end of their identification documents do not match? Who cares what the reasons are!!! The right question to ask is, when did God state the control of others over who we share our souls, hearts and bodies with? When did the emotions running through our every vein and vessel become the business of others? Who has crowned them dictators over who we share our intimacy with? If we can not practice our entire freedom over such decisions, then may the Lord forbid that such a society would ever deserve any rights to any other type of freedom in their lives.

Back to my story ... something was interesting about what happens next, something that caught my attention, for during our discussion I asked her three sets of questions that made me witness the fire in her soul.

I asked: What is this man willing to do for you ?

She answered: Fight the world, the society and every one that will stand between those enemies, he would wait till the end of time, or time will wait till the end of him.

I asked : Is this man replaceable?
She answered: No man made me feel the way he made me feel. No man made me see the world with his eyes. No man has aroused my heart to beat with such emotions ... No he is not replaceable.

I asked: Can you live without him?
She answered: Yes I can ... In pain, in memories, in a dream that once was and will never become again.

At this point, I realized that the answers to her worries and confusion laid between those three responses. Although I was not trying to help her with her problem, I was only trying to make her see the dark corners that are dimmed by all the loud noises that surround our heads with fear when we are in trouble, blinding us from all the light that one can use to be guided.

I saw her determination, I saw the fire that was running through her, she was willing to stand on his side, to refuse to leave him naked in the middle of the battlefield. To be his sword and shield against all. It may take a week, a month, a year ... it's irrelevant.

For what is a man without the love of a woman. They are the source of all our strength, the spark of all our fire, the cooler to all our rage. Without them, without that love, we become nothing but lost children looking to be rescued.

In return a woman that can find the man who is willing to give his life fighting for her, is a fool to think she can replace him. Those are as rare as spotting shooting stars on a snowing season.

As I witnessed this story, I felt the envious me raising to the service, wishing that one day I will find the woman who would have the spirit to fight for my existence. For no sight is more beautiful than the sight of a woman with courage, ambition and loyalty.

An eclipse may occur, but for the moon to disappear is an impossible phenomena. Eventually the moon will have to face this world, maybe as a crescent , maybe as gibbous, still it will have to face its reality as it stands, it will shine again when the time is right. Only those who fight will deserve to win and conquer. For it is the hope and the example they need to set to this society. Hiding is only a temporary solution, emotions are a powerful force that will rise as they wish in the times of need. I don't know if this story will have a happy ending, but I sure wish it does.

The universe will present you with a thousand realities, but only one reality will exist, either the reality you fight for, or the reality that others will deduct out of your life.

Jeddah - 8/10/2011 


  1. Lovely!

    Courage - she should have fought for this so called person she so intensely admires. Why be intimidated by the enemies of love?!

    Ambition - Why settle with pain? When she can vocalize her thoughts and opinions, if she is a grown young lady... The young lack the confidence to stand up for what they believe is right for them due to their uncertainties.

    Loyalty - If that man is where she finds her happiness and she surrenders to so called "external forces" then she is doing herself harm by letting go to the true love of her life.

    I just wanted to add a side note, if you do not mind ;p

    Love might deceive one in misleading him/her to think they are truly in love. When in reality, love comes with living amongst each other. I for one believe that love comes with time and after experiencing that person as a whole!
    I think it is stupidity of one to play with the emotion of love and then get carried away.
    Love will come if chemistry exist between two. Love is infinite with a true soul mate - where i believe is only one for every one in this world.

    May we both find the true love of our lives!


  2. Her loss,she'll keep wondering what her life would've been like with him in their wonderland. On the other hand, he will move on and find another woman that will take him to another wonderland.that's what an ordinary man would do, but ur different. U should write exclusively to men to teach them a bit of loyalty . Don't share ur writings with women coz u'll. Break their tender hearts :p joking, always good writing faisal :) an honest smile..

  3. Nice ,but reality says different things .in all the stories we heard and live either they surrender to the external forces and most of the time they move on ,or they fight and fight and fight and end up married but they keep asking themselves if they did the right thing .moreover they will live just like every married couple BORED ,UNHAPPY ,PATHETIC and they forget the whole love thing.
    I think the most beutiful thing about love is this painful feeling of deprivation
    I think also marriage not Necessarily means love ,in marriage both a man and a women struggle to keep these feelings alive.if they failed this love will die .

  4. Reply to S.: Thanks for the side note :) Unfortunately, I don't believe Love comes with time, I believe Love comes and it can only grow with time, but its existence is a must in the first place. May I reply to your prayers by saying Amean. Thanks for your time and input, most appreciated :)

  5. Reply to comment 2: I always said there is an extent of truth in every joke ;) .. I can't teach men much, those who want to learn have the world to teach them all they need, all they need to do is stop using their eyes as a primary mechanism to see, and start using their hearts to feel, plus how would I stand out if they all became like me :p ( joking, or am I not?, A touch of arrogance just escaped, lol)

    A man can ask for many things, an honest smile most certainly goes on top of that list, Thank you for stopping by your time is always appreciated.

  6. Reply to Maha: Dear Friend, I cant disagree with you much on the percentage of failure we see around, nor can i disagree that if they got married they would stay happy. You are right there. But those two can only guarantee that they know how they feel, and its their right to take that adventure with all the risks it holds, is it not part of the fun, to discover their path together?

    The point is we must try, our choices are not necessary logical, but i know for a fact, ignore your feelings, and your logic will be irritated by those feelings for the rest of your life.

    Always nice talking to you my friend.

  7. Impressive Mashallah and right on the spot. I have never seen any1 tackle this issue ever so effeciently and may i add creatively within the context of our society. Keep em coming... Better yet, write a book ;)
    Rawan, a huge fan of your blog

  8. Thanks Rawan, i don't have fans, just friends like yourself, who I always appreciate them sharing their minds and thoughts as freely as i do, thanks for your time, and hope to see you around more often, and the book will come when i feel the time is right enshallah ... :)

  9. La ilaha ilAllah. when i read the line - 'That look I have always suspected that we inherited from the first two humans who lived this world when they first laid eyes on each other.' my voice cried out - "subhanallah!". what a great interpretation of the natural phonomena that is love.
    its a very deep piece of writing. you take the reader on a journey through love, what is means, what it should be and then seeing it get lost in this donya and its racism. ooch! it hurts. but alongside it you always have love and hope in your Lord, thus always great perspective in my opinion. proud of you and your talents bro. looking forward to the next one. your brother kyon x

  10. Kyon my brother, How happy am I to see you here? too happy I may say, your an exceptional human in my life, and much to what I am today i owe to you, the pride i take in you can be expressed in no words. I loved this "but alongside it you always have love and hope in your Lord, thus always great perspective in my opinions" very wise my brother. Thank you

  11. Assalamalaikum akhi,
    I don’t know how I stumbled across this blog but im so glad I did. I really felt something after reading this. It was almost as though I was reading a story about myself. The only exception being that its too late for me and him now. We've gone our separate ways, but almost every day I think about the 'what if's?' The one thing I regret is not trying to find out if these obstacles were workable, instead I pretty much ended it as soon as the obstacles were discovered.
    My advice to those who still have feelings for that one person...despite being days, months or years since you last spoke to them...to find out for sure how you feel about each other and whether your love is strong enough to handle these obstacles. What’s the worst that can happen? That your love isn’t strong enough? Then you've got your answer...closure...and now you can move on. Be courageous and just do it.

  12. Hello Jameela, I am glad you found your way here, your most welcome. Indeed being imprisoned by the perfect memory is always a sorrow, an unbearable one, courage and cowardliness are two very interesting elements in any equation.

    Thanks for your input, and please do not deprive us from your thoughts, hope to see you around more often :)