Who out there hasn’t sipped from the cup of deprivation?

Says who that our needs in life are contained between food, water and air?

With the lack of faith and vision, one is nothing but a lost soul without any purpose for existence. Bouncing like a ball between four walls, getting smacked with two rackets in a game of squash. Bouncing back every time to meet the inevitable ending of hitting just another wall yet again.

Have you ever been deprived from the one you love?

Her voice to wake you up in the early hours to tell you good morning, and suddenly that sun rises brighter than ever on your world. It echoes through the blue sky with peace. You walk down the street, you pass hundreds of people, suddenly; it seems as if every man and  woman are smiling at you, spelling the words “Good Morning my love” through her lips, as if she secretly conspired with every person in this world, making sure that the beautiful words are passed to you in every  possible way.

Or the “sweet dream my baby”, that puts you to sleep like a child. Free from all trouble, the way your mother use to put you to sleep in your earlier days. Those days that you can merely remember as you age, witnessing that your hair shades are adopting grayness , you deny it at first, but later you smile knowing that history is re-writing itself, only now it sounds like exquisite music to your soul. You look out the window in search between the moon and the stars for one single shooting star to make a wish for that you love; you find nothing but silence in the black curtain above you. But you smile, knowing that you have all the peace you desired with that good night she whispered into your ears. 

But then a day of silence arrive, you look around and you can’t find her. Water and food does not fill the void area in your soul. The air seems to flow around you in silence, like an assassin that is awaiting the right moment to betray your chest.

You turn to music searching for her between the lyrics of a song, you look for her words in the writings of poets, you search for her name in the silenced sands of the beach, you search for the strength of her soul in the pride of mountains or you look for her innocent smile on the face of a child. But you fail to find her … all you find is silence and darkness. You turn to God and ask him, “oh Lord send me a sign, a dream, a mercy so that I can have my heart beat the way it once did”.

Deprived with no refuge but patience …

You tell yourself time will fix what has been broken in you. You run around like an idiot collecting the little pieces of your heart. You fail a thousand times …. Then you acknowledge that your efforts are as useless as building a sand castle in the middle of the ocean.

You wake up one morning, and the Lord has answered your prayers, as you find your lost soul in a journey that seems like a thousand years' struggle.

You never forget how deprived you were, you rather embrace it. You know that her love is more important to your soul than water is imperative to the body. You tell yourself never to forget the feeling of deprivation you once held, for it is the missing part to the equation of love. 

You understand that without sorrow you will never appreciate happiness. Without hunger you will never understand the full gratitude of food. Without the heat of the day time you will never read the magic in the cool breeze of the peaceful evening.

You wake up once again … Only this time you carry a smile that can never be compared to any that you have ever held before.  Why … because she spoke to you with two simple words “Good morning”.

Newcastle - 13/8/2012


  1. "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain" - Khalil Gibran

    Beautiful piece my friend

    1. Thank you Lama, glad you liked it :)

  2. What a random blog post to come across this morning !!

    If you could write such beautiful words for the love of a women you haven't met yet , I truly wonder what you would write the day you decide to right for "a daughter ".

    Thank you for the good read .
    Good night other side of world

    1. Thank you for your very kind words :)

  3. You won't probably see this untill next year :p. But its the only place where i can say that i was so happy to see you that day on TV! Seriously ive been following you for ages *since your user name was Arabian dreamer*:p
    I loved and i still love all what you writes and posts on twitter i even check your blog every once and a while hoping that maybe you would post something new..
    Well.. I really want to meet you one day and get the chance to actually talk to you .. Happy new year o inshalah tkon sana 7ilwa 3alek yarb.: