Introduction: Next three articles

 I am going to be doing something different to my usual none sense; now don’t get me wrong, am not saying am going to rebel against my madness, but rather, just bring it up a level. In a few days I'll post part one of three articles to come over the next few weeks. They will take the form of a note, or a letter if I may say, to my future companion, she is someone whom I yet haven’t sat with nor touched, but someone I believe in so strongly.   

Why put this out on my journal? Well, First to protect myself from my logic, from the possibility of me ever becoming something I despise, so if I ever change, I will have my insane written ideologies bring me back to my salvation. The second reason is to inspire hope to everyone who reads this and holds an insane vision, anyone who questions their reasoning of such dreams. To tell them  that there are thousands of men and women out there who are no different to us, the concept of “the one” is something I highly believe in, soul mates are not a myth, but a visionary notion, that only those who are brave enough to accept it and its consequences can understand its full effect on one’s reality.

To be continued ... 

New York - 14/01/2012 


  1. Hi Faisal,
    You pen it down so well the truth that not many can openly declare it but deep down we all know the concept of 'the one'. Finding the one, the right one that Allah have created for us might not be easy but with open mind and heart I believed all of us can. And because this 'the one' thingy, I broke the bond of a husband to wife and father to the children. May Allah forgive me cause at the end of it HE knows a heart will not be at peace without 'the one'.

    May Allah grants us with so much love and accepts us the believer of 'the one'. As it said, Love will conquers the world, inshallah.

    1. Hello ...

      It takes a real man to strongly stand and speak the truth in his heart. You have demonstrated that beautifully. God judges upon the heart, and he takes our intentions into his judgments, unlike us humans our ability does not go beyond the actions we see. But then he is the Almighty Lord.

      For what its worth, I believe you have made the right choice, if one can't find and give happiness, then breaking that bond is the hard and right choice to do, the freedom of hope.

      May the Lord guide you on your quest and guide me on mine. May you find the one, and I hope to hear from you again, telling me that life has done your patience the justice you seek.

      God bless you

  2. Hi Faisal,

    I found him. It first came as a name then the words followed by the beautiful yet perfect picture of 'the one' that I ever could wish for.

    I smile at every pictures of you.
    I cry at every words of you.
    I dream at every dreams of you.
    I fantasize at every fantasies of you.
    I'm in love at your love.

    However, I woke up to check on the reality and fantasy only to see the vast differences.

    We are separated by 7 seas.
    We are separated by standard.
    we are separated by status.
    we are separated by wealth.
    Nonetheless, we shared the same passion for love and one believed in ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY.

    Words from my heart!

    1. One day ... One day

      The 7 seas can be crossed by his determination.
      The standards can be risen by his vision.
      The status can be redefined by his achievements.
      The wealth can be made through hardship.

      Now the passion for the love you share, that is eternal and shall last a life time ...

      Patience will break the impossible ...

      Words from my hear!

  3. One day...

    One day I will have the courage to tell him that I love him. The man of my dream that I have not met or heard. Such a strong love exists in me for him from a distance. Simply by his strong words, dreams and goals.

    The 7 seas shall be the witness of my craziness and insanity of loving someone that is out of my reach.

    Finally, that dream comes back again but was interrupted by the ring of my hp at 2am. "Faisal, is that you?" was the first thing I said when I answered. How crazy and embarrassing can that be to whomever on the other line, I'm sorry.

    Before I went back to my dreamland, I decided to check and started grinning the moment I saw your reply. As fast as I could to close my eyes hoping you're there but you are gone....I hope not for long.

    Patience will break the impossible...impossible will break the heart! What's will be left is the faith in our heart!

    My sincere apologies for I have dirtied your blog with my ludicrousness comments. I'm a no blogger but a lover. A lover who have yet to find the true love.

    Words from my heart!