To my fairy tale .. (Part one)

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Dear sweetheart

Many accused me, many judged me, and a very few have intimidated me. Most those I knew thought of me as a shallow man when I said that physical beauty mattered just as much as the beauty of the heart and mind.  I call it the trinity to perfection. I cannot compromise on any of them; see when a man is in love some think he becomes rather delusional; I always took the extreme view of believing that he becomes wise.  Whilst most believe he is blinded, I believe he becomes the only one with the ability to see the truth.  It’s why I have been able to tell you that you’re the most beautiful woman on this earth, it’s just how I see you in every way. I know sometimes you will doubt me, but soon you will see through my actions that I truly believe that you are, just be patient my love.

My generation is the last to grow watching real cartoons, those hand drawn ones, they always held more to them than those newly animated ones. No one did them as good as Disney productions did. As a kid I never paid much attention to the details and the fairy tales.  I don’t think most men did when they were children. Unlike women, you ladies see it clearly and fantasize about it from an early age, I think it’s because you girls have the eye for details more than we do, you have always been criticized by my fellow men for being too emotional and being guided by your heart, the truth is you were always able to take that extra step to see beyond logic and reason. When I got old enough to see it, I just wanted to learn this trait from the female gender around me; after all there is no shame in learning and admitting to the limitation surrounding one's vision.

If you are to take a short trip into my childhood memories, and look at that cartoon character that I  always looked up to, we all have one don’t we. It’s someone or something that you must have related to, or possibly enjoyed its charisma and wished it for yourself.

I know mine was Aladdin. Yes the thief. Ok he has long dark hair and I went for the bald look. He won the stunning princess, and so far what I won in life are good certificates with the name of different degrees on them along with various experiences. But here is a confession; Aladdin is still a hero to me. He is a representation of hope for a man, to go from bad to good, self-redemption and the change of one’s destiny. Courage and tenderness thrown into the same soul. Adventurous and fearless.

As kids we saw the brighter sides of things in life, and we focused on them, thus we were able to dream freely, we built castles in the deserts. But then as we grew older our core character starts to fade. We learn of life’s problems, those surrounding us convince us that we must grow up for we are no kids anymore and that it's time to mature. Eventually it becomes apparent that we inherit those believes. Most of us do change, and become something that we never wished for nor expected. The worst part is, we do not even notice this transformation. A few of us hold onto that childhood thought, and fight for it, whilst the majority join the flow. We label them, "dreamy", "Insane", "Immature" and laugh for they live in no more than a fairy tale. But who made any human a judge on the life of another? I will happily tell you who, we did. Our fears feed their power over us.

So holding onto that dream becomes harder by the day ... If you start paying attention to the movie ...Aladdin is being chased by the guards. Jafar is trying to rip his world apart, and Aladdin is on a verge of losing everything he ever wished for. This is exactly our world too, we all have guards fighting our thoughts, a Jafar trying to forbid us from our own rights, and a dream that is harder to keep as the days pass by.

The thing about dreams is, they affect our personalities. You adapt to them with time. Our hearts become washed away with them, whether that dream is related to materialism, career, family or love.

I believe that there is no reason why we can't live with the same vision we had as kids. Maturity is not giving up your dreams; maturity is learning how to be responsible with them.

I dreamt about you a thousand times, we ate, drank and even kissed on the river once, you were shy yet adorable. You tried not to kiss me back, but the love and innocence that came with it was greater than both of our forces put together. Those dreams are the reason that I will find you, they will guide me to you.

Everyone believes in fairy tales at one point or another, I refused some time ago to give up on mine, and I will fight as hard as I can to get to you as soon as I am able to. People say fairy tales only come true in movies, they forget that life is longer than a ninety minute cartoon… whilst most have no patience, I will learn to master it. When that day comes you will be happy to hear me say “I told you so”.

I can’t wait to see you soon my sweetheart, maybe in a cafĂ© in Paris, the opera in Rome or a theater in London … till then, I miss you and I will always love you.

(To be continued)

New York/New Castle -  Jan/2012


  1. Faisal,
    1- WOW mashallah! Love this new idea.
    2- it takes lots of strength to hold on to your dreams, to your fairy tales, to your insanities. It takes lots of faith and courage and the older you get the easier they slip. So, thank u for sharing this because it gives people like me, who have lost their fairy tales, a spark of hope to pick up the peices and start again ;)
    3- waiting for part 2 :)

  2. Rawan: I couldn't agree with you more Rawan, it does require a vast amount of strength, faith and courage. I am very happy to hear that a spark of hope was born, its never late to do the right thing in life. Its a joyful unexplainable feeling to know that the written words has not only expressed my thoughts, but has also made a change on another person. So thank you for sharing those words with us here. I hope I can keep that up in the next two pieces. It was my pleasure my friend :)

  3. This is wonderful and it shows how big a dreamer you are. I'm picturing her reaction the moment you let her read these after you find her :p

    The thing is to be honest, I'm more of a realistic than a dreamer; not that what you're dreaming is impossible or wrong. But as a girl & from saudi, I know how I'm going to get married and I know that I don't get to "choose" whom I want to marry unlike you guys. Deep down, I have this hope that my future husband will find me himself and not through his family.

  4. Danya: Thank you,we all have our limitations, my dreams are more impossible than that most could imagine, but there are no limitations to dreams, and there is no limits to the power of determination. I know one thing, that there is only one will that over rides any other, and thats the will of God, thus I will ask him for the impossible, and I have faith that he will grant it to me with no doubts, he has his mysterious ways in bringing our dreams to the reality that others insist on.

    May the Lord bless you and your dreams :)

  5. I can say after reading this article, that you are absulotely talented. I can feel the power of the words that you have chosen. I can comfortably and happily imagine every situation, word, place, and feeling you mintioned in the article on my mind. Definitely this article is one of the best articles I've read recently and will always be. God bless you. Forever keep on expanding your imagination and your great thoughts. Wish you all the best.

    Sincerely, Lama Alqurashi

    1. Dear Lama

      I am very pleased that you have enjoyed it , I am further thankful for your testimony it is most appreciated ...

      Faisal :)