Dear sweet betrayal

Dear Betrayal …

I am certain the fact that I am writing to you must be a disappointment within itself, for it can only show that you have yet not hit me hard enough to break me.
The simple truth is that I have known you for a rather long time, years and years has passed by us. You tend to come and visit me through different faces, and the chemistry we have is rather strange to be truthful with you.

What I admire about you is your fascinating determination to come back, and with every visit your style grows impressively. You come back harder and stronger than the previous time, you come with nothing but the determination in your sharpened teeth and curved claws, with a dagger that wants to cut through my flesh like a starving lion in a deserted island in the middle if the ocean. Oh but that doesn’t seem to be enough for you, you have taken the pleasure in training your assassins to attack silently to ensure that the bitter taste is fully satisfied through a stab to the back.
The more you came to me, the more I hated you, yet I appreciated you for you have increased my passion for my loyalty. The extent reached limits where I viewed this loyalty as a Spanish tanned lady from the Andalusia, dressed in her traditional cloth, only to dance the flamenco with me. Now what man couldn’t bowl in weakness to such beauty, making me want to hold into every inch of her body for eternity. Yes my dear betrayal you have given me a princess through every bite you took from my flesh, and I yet hold my hand tighter than ever through her curved hips as she lay her sweet head on my shoulders, leaving me to feel that heavy breathing on my neck.

But now I no longer hate you, but I only expect you to come stronger. I expect to hear the ideologies of people and the lies they hold in their fake principles, after all many of them are nothing but humans who are trying to achieve their personal interests in this life. But I know you have failed to defeat me again, yet the future will prove me other wise if I stand still, because I now know every human has a breaking point, and I shall raise my bar too high out of your reach.

I shall train my own companions in life. A Brotherhood of those who are no different to me, those who may not be blood related but have felt my joy and pain even though my lips were sealed. Those who gave me their eyes as mirrors to reflect my true picture when I doubted my own principles in life. Those people with faith, genuine ideologies and believes. Those who will stand by me when you come to fight again, being my shield on one arm, and my sword on the other. Those who will never leave me naked in the middle of the battlefield. I know that you will come to take some of my dearest away from me and turn them against me, but I shall tell you now, you will not take the determination. Your power to convert is only valid against the weak, I guess I can’t afford to have a place for those in my world.

So hereby I stand as a man of my word, so mark them very carefully in no hesitation, I have no fear from you anymore like I once did. I have no hate for you for that is an emotion that you do not deserve from me. But you have become my companion. A companion that will visit me every so often to show me the true colors of those around me. I hold no love for you, but I will hold my many thanks and respects for your existence. So I tell you to prepare a stronger army than ever, for my own preparation will be stronger than that you have ever seen, I will never make your job easy against me, and if you don’t break me by the time I rest in my grave, then on that day I shall declare to myself a victory against you.

It was painful to see you again, but I thank you for your lesson, till we meet next, and I am certain that we will, remember, the day will come when you will fear me … and that’s a promise.

Best regards

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