Introduction - The beginning

On the 22 of April, 2010 i wrote the following:
As I go through my life … all I seem to hear are judgments, lectures, or complaints. We judge peoples way of living, we get lectured on how the ideal life should take place, and we complain about a fallen society, inequality, and the need for change.

So we ask what is the solution?, and all we hear, change yourself and your family, well not too sure if I have the right to change the family. And most certainly no one hate who they are, and of course the question arise, change my self to and for what????

I asked my self for years, what’s the key to happiness, and how to find the road to success. A dear friend once told me that I should write my thoughts, and do my own journal. But fear concord me. Just the thought of me reading my words struck me, for they can be too harsh, especially when judging myself. So now I decided to go through with it…… A quest to find the answer of my very simple objective. Continuous self development to achieve anything, and to do so I must give it everything .

So why share? Every human has strengths, locating that strength and understanding it, is the tricky part, making use of it means the first and most important step to success. In my case I was blessed with loved intellectual friends and family and my loyalty to them is beyond the imaginable. Sharing means gaining their thoughts and giving mine, a balance between give and take.

So here I go ……..

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